Client Managed Off-Shore Teams

Hosted Teams

Companies have begun to segment their IT environments and pursue a “portfolio approach” by leveraging the capabilities of smaller, specialized service providers. Hiring good developers onsite/onshore is an expensive process and qualified applicants are hard to get and even harder to retain. Outsourcing partners can help companies build teams for product development, technical support, and maintenance. The right outsourcing partner can mean strong benefits in terms of risk mitigation, speed and quality, with none of the costs in terms of time, facilities, infrastructure and support staff.

SVAM International is a CMMI Level 5 Global Information Technology services provider that has a 24-year long proven track record of providing skilled talent across the technology stack. SVAM hosts development teams off-shore (in India or Mexico) for companies so that they don’t have to make major investments in establishing such operations to take advantage of the cost benefits and access to skilled resources. On average, we have helped companies save 35-40% in direct costs related to salaries, facilities and infrastructure. Moreover, our offshore teams are structured to have at least a 4-hour overlap with US working hours.


How it works

  • The client requests resources with defined skill sets.
  • SVAM’s recruiting team find skilled resources that satisfy the requirements either internally or externally. We screen these resources for lingual, cultural and technical fit and present a shortlist of qualified candidates to the client.
  • The client team interviews shortlisted candidates and selects the best. Interviews are done remotely and SVAM manages all logistics.
  • Successful candidates are employed through SVAM’s local entity in India or Mexico. SVAM deals with all HR, contractual, legal, taxaxtion and compliance issues.
  • SVAM provides the resources to the client either directly as an extension of their onsite team or managed through a local onsite SVAM project manager depending on how the client wishes to manage the engagement.
  • SVAM takes care of all the costs related to facilities and infrastructure. We provide dedicated and secure office space, connectivity and any hardware or software configurations required.
  • Client’s Hosted Development Team works 100% on their projects, under their guidance, and adheres to their work practices.
  • The resources are provided for a competitive hourly rate for however long the client desires to continue the arrangement.


Benefits of choosing SVAM as your Partner

  • Reduce costs in salaries and infrastructure.
  • Ease the recruiting process by delegating and expanding your search across the globe and thereby gaining access to a massive new talent pool.
  • Get innovation and quality through a fast, low-risk, proven model to build software development teams and thereby reduce time to market.
  • Ease the implementation of a 24-hour development cycle by collaborating with an offshore software development team located in a different time zone.
  • Focus on your business by offloading day to day tasks as well as complement your internal IT team.
  • Share responsibility of managing and mitigating risk associated with software development.
  • No need to establish a legal entity or deal with complicated legal/compliance issues in local market.
  • Auto scaling of development team as and when needed.



  • We helped Avaya ($3.27B revenue), a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, save $5M in direct cost savings by implementing an enterprise wide data warehouse and analytics solution to support the go-to-market strategy for its global sales operations. As a result of this implementation, Avaya projected an additional revenue of $40M in the next fiscal year due to availability of critical customer and product information for their sales team. What started off as a team of 3-4 resources, quickly grew to a 35-40 people team in SVAM’s India location spread over 5+ years.
  • Another client we are supporting is PCH (Publishers Clearing House), a direct marketing company that sells merchandise and magazine subscriptions and operates prize-based game, search and lotto websites. The company is known for the Prize Patrol, which surprises sweepstakes winners at their home in a televised event and has a revenue of over $800M. On average, we have helped PCH save $2M+ per year over the past 5 years in support costs while increasing their ability to implement new initiatives by freeing up internal resources and thereby allowing better alignment to company-wide strategic goals. Currently, we host about 40 skilled resources in our India development center as an extension of PCH’s team helping in both new product development as well as application support. Some of the websites the team is working on showcase various merchandise and magazine subscriptions.
  • We helped Motorola/Symbol Technologies improve service levels and reduce expenses in managing a suite of internal applications as well as supporting infrastructure. The web applications that SVAM supported and maintained were for all customer service activities throughout the entire organization and many of these applications had up to 100K transactions per day. The savings realized by Motorola amounted to about $500K per year spread over a total period of 8 years