Dell SonicWALL designs, develops, manufactures and sells network security, content security, and business continuity solutions worldwide. SonicWALL’s wired and wireless security solutions are deployed in 200 countries by over 250,000 customers, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, government, retail point-of-sale, healthcare and service providers. In a very competitive industry, SonicWALL wanted a deeper insight into the profit dynamics of the business, and how operational excellence could make an impact.


SonicWALL had ERP and CRM platforms that were functionally rich and integrated, but the corporate IT team was fully committed to supporting that environment for ongoing activities. They did not have the capacity to create a robust business intelligence platform to yield the desired insight into the operational and profit dynamics of the company.

SVAM’s Solution

SVAM built an Enterprise Data Management platform for robust yet easy to use performance management. The original objective was to provide a visual performance management tool for supply chain operations. Quickly achieved, the client saw many possibilities for extending the platform to cover quality management, demand management, returned merchandise, and supplier integration. SonicWALL asked SVAM to continue the effort as a managed service for application development and maintenance.

The team took an agile development approach that permitted the client to experiment with innovative ideas and deploy those that created the most value. Rapidly evolving the solution to give real-time visibility into a fully integrated value chain (customers to dealers to corporate to contract manufacturers to component suppliers), SVAM worked with the client to take the next step: integrate a business process management engine to execute processes indicated by predictive analytics for the action needed. This reduced process cycle time from days to minutes.


The analytics solution has been so successful that it was deployed not just within operations but among the senior leadership throughout the company. To extend the transparency of operations to a wider set of people, the analytics and process management components were integrated with the company’s SharePoint portal. By integrating these elements of a powerful solution, SVAM is enabling SonicWALL to close the gap between knowing what needs to be done to optimize performance, and actually taking the actions to make optimal performance a reality. SVAM’s solution has helped increase quality, reduce working capital, and improve supply chain resiliency for SonicWALL. In fact, the robustness of the platform shined when SonicWALL was able to maintain continuity of operations following a natural disaster that disrupted some of SonicWALL’s manufacturers and suppliers.