SonicWall improves supply chain resilience with
our BPM & Analytics Solution


This Case study is about how NST helps SonicWALL get best out of their investment in ERP and CRM system and improved operational efficiently using combination of BPM and BI solution along with integrated collaboration platform.


  • Operational reports were created manually using excel and were difficult to manage and changes or error were every high?
  • Most business processes were not well documented and approval used to take weeks.
  • Using their previous tactics, what were their goals?

SVAM’s Solution

  • NST provided a solution which integrates BI with BPM and SharePoint collaboration. This provides a unique solution from where users can view business requests and can create business reports.
  • NST provided active business intelligence through Enhanced decision support and Situational awareness.
  • BI mapped within processes to provide Active DSS and Real Time Situational Awareness.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency using BPM processes. For Example, PO approval used to take 3-4 week earlier but after BPM process it take 3-4 days only.
  • Help in Decision making (For example in PO process, approver will get to see request for approval in Red color or in Green Color. Here based on historical data if cost difference is more than 3% it will be marked as Red.)
  • What if Analysis (SonicWall can analyze the impact of Forecast change)?
  • Forecasting (SonicWall will get sales forecast for next year and can compare the change in sales forecast).