Redux successfully implements its patented
hardware with our Mobility solution


Redux is a patented process of removing all the liquid from an electronic device. The need for an electronic drying option has existed for as long as electronic devices have been around. Many people think that liquid causes the damage to their electronic device, but it’s actually electricity meeting the liquid that essentially permanently damages the device.


The Redux team was focused on perfecting the machine that would rescue phones and other electronics once they became wet. But they also needed to address the way that the machine could be easily operated in thousands of locations. This not only covered operating the machine through the drying cycle. It also had to consider the status of the store in which it operated as well as validating the customers who needed the service.

SVAM’s Solution

Modern solutions use software to control processes that have traditionally been controlled in hardware. Rather than embedding the validations functions into the machine controls, SVAM recommended controlling the machine via a personal tablet to take advantage of the user-friendliness of tablets and the powerful software they can execute.

To deliver an efficient solution, this approach required writing embedded software directly to the chipset that operates the machine. This type of solution is increasingly common to make the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. The enterprise services that SVAM also built not only captured store and customer information from the tablet, but also very large amounts of data from each machine that help designers continue to perfect the innovative service. SVAM employed our Correct ShoreSM model with a Tech Lead working onsite with the client, supported by an offshore team that wrote the enterprise software, the mobile tablet application, and the embedded software that tightly integrated the components.


Redux is now rapidly deploying the rollout of the drying machine to hundreds of locations across the United States. The operation is quickly mastered by store managers and salespeople and has become a popular option for customers purchasing new phones. Redux is an example of how the latest technology can be used to deliver more value to customers and results to shareholders.