Palm Bay Price Point implemented comprehensive price
management system with our Pricing Solution


Palm Bay International is a leading provider and distributor of imported premium wine and spirits in USA. SVAM is working on Pricing optimization system for Palm Bay:

  • What industry they are in: Wine and Spirits?
  • What services they offer: distributor of imported premium wine and spirits in USA?
  • How long they have been working with your organization or product: 6 years.
  • Palm Bay was seeking for a comprehensive pricing management system specific to Wine and Spirits Industry. Svam build a web based pricing system named PricePoint for Palmbay.
  • PricePoint is a price & promotion management solution for the beverage alcohol industry.


  • Earlier whole pricing and promotion management at PalmBay was a manual process dependent on hundreds of excel files?
  • Excel based process was very time consuming, error prone and very difficult to manage.
  • It took pricing manager 6-8 hours to create a price entry for an item.

SVAM’s Solution

  • SVAM built a pricing system specifically designed to address the needs of the beverage alcohol industry.
  • Application automatically handle all complexity related to state and federal tax and regulations.
  • Application is able to assist in state specific and distributor specific discounts.
  • Application automatically validate every pricing deal against defined business rules.
  • Application ensure that deals will be reviewed and sent back if margin requirements are not met.


  • PricePoint automate 90% of the tasks and reduce user input and reduce the time for price entry created from 6 -8 hours to 15 minutes.
  • PricePoint helps in automating the complete workflow from Planning, Approval to Bill back verification
  • PricePoint provides historical data and other useful analytic data on the price entry screen itself, which enable the user to make the right pricing proposal.