Government Contracts

General Services Administration (GSA) – IT Schedule 70

The GSA information technology (IT) Schedule 70 (a Multiple Award Schedule) grants federal, state and local agencies direct access to commercial experts, who can thoroughly address the IT needs of the government community. Based on the awarded contract, Federal, State and local government agencies can buy software and services from SVAM.

SVAM has been awarded a GSA Contract for providing Information Technology services to the federal, state and local governments.

For more information on SVAM’s GSA contract please visit:

New York State Office of General Services (NYS OGS)

The New York State OGS contract is a vehicle to service statewide contracts primarily for, but not limited to, New York State agencies.

SVAM has been awarded the NYS OGS contract for Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services. For more information on SVAM’s contract please visit: