Electrical power management system (EPMS)

By Whatis.techtarget | Feb 13, 2019
An electrical power management system (EPMS) is an electronic system that provides fine-grained information about the flow of power in an electrical power generation system or power substation. EPMS record and provide...

Connected medical devices seek a place in clinical setting

By Searchhealthit | Feb 13, 2019
Connected devices -- more specifically wearables and mobile devices that offer services such as counting steps per day or monitoring someone's sleeping patterns or heart rate throughout the day -- have belonged mainly in...

Blockchain technology in healthcare could ease PHI exchange

By Searchhealthit | Feb 13, 2019
Blockchain has recently become a common buzzword in health IT circles. The technology first gained popularity as part of the digital currency bitcoin, but the thought of using blockchain for healthcare may be concerni...
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