Identify gaps in cybersecurity processes to reduce organizational risk

By Searchcompliance | Feb 13, 2019
Cyberattacks are on the rise, and the predictive numbers aren't encouraging. Half of all respondents to ISACA's 2018 State of Cybersecurity survey said they experienced an increase in the number of cyberattacks last y...

Electrical power management system (EPMS)

By Whatis.techtarget | Feb 13, 2019
An electrical power management system (EPMS) is an electronic system that provides fine-grained information about the flow of power in an electrical power generation system or power substation. EPMS record and provide...

Coronavirus crisis spurs IT innovation

By Clint Boulton | May 4, 2020
The coronavirus crisis sees CIOs accelerating their adoption of automation, analytics and new processes to cope with the pandemic’s disruptions and steer the enterprise forward in uncertain times. As the coronavirus...

Connected medical devices seek a place in clinical setting

By Searchhealthit | Feb 13, 2019
Connected devices -- more specifically wearables and mobile devices that offer services such as counting steps per day or monitoring someone's sleeping patterns or heart rate throughout the day -- have belonged mainly in...

Blockchain technology in healthcare could ease PHI exchange

By Searchhealthit | Feb 13, 2019
Blockchain has recently become a common buzzword in health IT circles. The technology first gained popularity as part of the digital currency bitcoin, but the thought of using blockchain for healthcare may be concerni...
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